Best Places In Dubai To Take A Selfie

Dubai is a city which has many attractive places to visit. These places have an amazing view that is picture-perfect. It is not only attractive for locals but also for tourists. The structures, decors, and the skilfully crafted designs make the picture lovely to look at. Pictures taken from high rise buildings are also very lovely. You can now use a luxury car rental company to hire a luxury car or a sports car in Dubai to visit some of the best places where you can take selfies.

Burj Khalifa

A skyscraper which the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa, has one of the best views. People visit the top of the building to view the city. This spot also makes a spectacular place for taking selfies.

Dubai Creek

Dubai Creek is a part of the new Dubai city. It has saltwater, and hence the colour of the water is not blue. This makes it an apt place to get a selfie while taking a boat rise or a ski ride.

Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah Beach is a beautiful place where you can click selfies during sunrise and sunset. The coast with rapid waves and the scenery make an amazing view for a selfie.

Dubai Museum

Dubai museum is known for exhibiting the traditional lifestyle and culture. The museum has some very good structures and paintings that make a very good background for a selfie. The represents the old Dubai that can be captured very nicely in photos.

The Dubai Fountain

Dubai fountain is spectacular as it is also known as the dancing fountain. The perfect time to get a selfie in front of the fountain is during sunset. However, you have to make sure that you are facing the right side so that you get a perfect selfie.

Dubai Desert

Dubai is not only high-rise buildings and modern structures, but it is also about deserts. You can ride mud bikes, buggy rides, etc. Dubai desert makes a great place to take selfies.

How To Reach The Spots For Selfies?

Dubai has many car rentals companies that offer different types of cars for rent. Some agencies give sports car hire Dubai. You can choose from luxury cars to sports cars for your travel across Dubai. These companies offer cars at affordable prices. You can visit the car rentals company’s website to check the rental rates offered by them for well-known brands and models available with them.

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